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Welcome to your new Terra AC wallbox

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Terra AC wallbox –
everything you need to know

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you install your Terra AC wallbox – plus a few tips to help you get the most from the smart charge@home system.

Before you begin: did you book an installer when you purchased your wallbox?

Yes? Then you’re ready to go. Please review our helpful tips below.

No? Don’t worry. Contact the smart customer service to cancel and purchase a wallbox and installer service bundle from the smart store. We’ll make sure you get a full refund for your original purchase.

Shipment arrived

Receiving your Terra AC wallbox

After delivery, please wait for the installer to open the package. To ensure safety and optimal performance, only certified professionals are authorized to install your Terra AC wallbox

Prepare for install

Choosing a spot

Here’s a few things to consider when choosing a place to install your new wallbox. Selecting the right spot can help guarantee a quick, and stress-free, installation.

  • Check for accessibility – can you and the installer easily access the location of your new wallbox?
  • Check for power supply – is the spot within easy reach of power sorces?
  • Check your Internet – have your WiFi password on hand, you’ll need it to complete the installation successfully. Alternatively, you can also use your 4/5G connection to install the wallbox.

Learn more about Terra AC wallbox

While you wait for the installer, take a few moments to learn more about the exciting features of your new wallbox.

Terra AC Wallbox –
get the Hello Smart App

Find out more about wallbox care, built-in safety features, remote monitoring, and exciting new features. Download the Hello smart App

Read our FAQs

The wallbox package includes: the wallbox, fixing materials for wall-mounting, RFID card, drilling template, installation leaflet including the wallbox pin code for the connection with TerraConfig commissioning App, Smart leaflet with QR code to the ABB landing page, Simplified EU Declaration of Conformity, Warning page and Multi-language safety instructions.

During installation of the smart charge@home wallbox, the certified installer will make sure the wallbox is connected to the grid correctly.

The installation of the Terra AC wallbox must be done by a certified installer to ensure safety and optimal performance.

If the Terra AC wallbox has already been paired with the Hello smart App, and if the charging cable has been connected to the car, you can start charging via Bluetooth. In addition, the authentication can also be done via RFID card.

Your wallbox has built-in protections against overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent which prevent damaging the fuse. The installer will set the maximum charging setting current during commissioning with the TerraConfig App. The wallbox also has an external smart meter and if agreed, it will be configured by the installer during commissioning.


We’re here to help

The green lights on your wallbox indicate proper charging function and internet connection. If the light is red it could mean there’s an error. Read more about light indicators in our Terra AC quick guide.

If you’ve lost the pin code for your wallbox, don’t worry. Simply contact the smart customer service.

The smart charge@home wallbox works in offline mode and requires only a Bluetooth connection. Internet connection is not needed for the wallbox.

Terra AC wallbox – downloads

Select your installer or user manual easily from our download library.