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TerraConfig is the digital tool to perform a fast and safe commissioning of the AC charger, without opening the wallbox. Thanks to the web platform, you can prepare for commissioning efficiently, and the installer can quickly complete the work on site with the app. The smartphone app connects quickly and easily to the Terra AC via Bluetooth.

TerraConfig App

TerraConfig is a practical and efficient tool for qualified electricians to configure and maintain ABB’s Terra AC charging solution.

The TerraConfig app allows qualified installers to simply and easily finish the commissioning of their clients’ ABB charging solutions, conduct initial configuration and/or undertake certain maintenance tasks. Saving time and improving efficiency, TerraConfig helps to minimize the number of steps taken by the technician on the ground by guiding them clearly through the installation steps.

The recent 2.0 update further improves the app’s functionality with the addition of global support in over 30 languages and a dark mode as well as several key new features:

Self-sign up – New users can now get their account activated directly through the app, with no need to reach out to their ABB supplier

Pre-configuration – Configuration template files can be saved, shared and reused to enable the set-up of multiple chargers in reduced time

Bulk charger handover – Multiple chargers can be set-up and commissioned at once greatly streamlining the process

Custom OCPP server – A custom OCPP server can be added directly, allowing for immediate installation and configuration

TerraConfig Portal

The TerraConfig portal was developed for professional installation and electromobility companies that carry out commissioning for end customers. The web portal is used to create accounts for the TerraConfig smartphone app as well as to pre-configure OCPP profiles including certificates for secured WebSocket connections.