Home charging single unit

The most convenient place to charge your EV is at home

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A large percentage of EV charging sessions are expected to take place at home, after all it’s the most convenient and affordable way to charge your electric vehicle. Charging sessions can take place easily and conveniently in your garage or driveway during periods of time when your vehicle is parked.

A prime example of this case is overnight charging, which enables EV owners to replenish their battery during a period when their car is rarely needed. In this case your vehicle is fully charged in a time period varying from three to nine hours (depending on the EV’s state of charge and the selected ABB charger’s maximum power). Yet, in some cases, you may find yourself charging during the day in sessions of around 30 minutes, time enough for your vehicle to get an extra 35 to 70km of range.

Moreover, home charging enables you to charge your vehicle in an affordable manner. Your household electricity tariff will determine the price per kilowatt, which under normal circumstances tends to be lower than the price charged at public EV charging locations.

But where to start? ABB E mobility is here to help you make this transition via the most compressive ‘’Home’’ EV charging solution offering in the market.