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It is all about your choice for EV charging

We all make choices, each and every day. Our choices extend far beyond the individual – our choices have the potential to impact everyone around us, even those who are yet to come.

At ABB E-mobility we choose to challenge convention, we choose to think differently, we choose to innovate. And in doing so we enable you to choose. To choose how you want to travel, how you want to live and how you want to impact the world we all share.

ABB E-mobility introduces the next generation of choice for EV charging, Terra Home.

Choose how your home charging solution looks & feels

Personalized covers to fit seamlessly into your home and lifestyle. Minimalistic and intuitive design enables seamless interaction between you, your home and the charger.

Choose how your home charging solution powers your EV

Via smart detection of renewable energy sources at your home, such as solar panels, you can choose to prioritize sustainable energy to charge your EV.

Choose how you and your home charging solution interact

Charging has never been so easy. Its design, interactive lighting, and proprietary App deliver a superior user experience.

If you are looking for official media materials about the Terra Home please visit our dedicated media portal.

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