A 360-degree solution for fleets

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The complete package for electric fleet operations

The best-in-class power density charging solution for fleet operators seeking maximum flexibility and reliability in their charging operations. The HVC360 power cabinet is explicitly designed for large vehicles and heavy-duty applications providing fleet professionals with a continuous high power supply for reliable and predictable charging operations. In combination with our industry-leading service agreements and fleet charger management system InControl, the HVC360 power cabinet becomes a 360-degree solution for fleet professionals. Smart energy management reduces the TCO significantly while the cutting-edge split system design provides you with the maximum flexible set-up for fleet electrification. The solution is designed to integrate into existing infrastructure smoothly and provide end-users with a seamless charging experience.

A 360-degree solution

  • Reduces TCO significantly with smart energy management
  • Best in class power density
  • Up to 4 charging sessions in parallel
  • Integration in existing business tools
  • End-user experience through intuitive design
  • Reporting and real-time monitoring
  • Installation through split system design
  • Supports all dispensers
  • Dynamic power-sharing feature
  • SLA based 97% charger uptime commitment
  • Designed for heavy-duty applications
  • 24/7 monitoring and over the air updates

ABB E-mobility’s dedicated sustainability team constantly reduces our operational and development CO2 footprint along the value chain to reach carbon neutrality in our operations by 2030

Charging solution for various fleet types

Bus depot

Electrifying a public transportation fleet comes with challenges, especially in choosing the right infrastructure to support the fleet’s operational needs. ABB E-mobility uses rapidly deployed smart technologies to help address these challenges while reducing operational costs compared to traditional bus systems. The HVC360 power cabinet provides public fleet professionals with reliable best-in-class power density. ABB’s smart digital solutions and service level agreements furthermore enable you to get the best out of your charging operations. Our charging solutions for fleets not only help our customers transition their business into a more sustainable future but are also developed sustainably. Our dedicated sustainability team constantly reduces our own operational and development CO2 footprint along the value chain to reach carbon neutrality in our operations by 2030. 

Middle mile logistic depot

Electric trucks can be charged while they are being loaded or unloaded at the loading dock, overnight or at high power charging spot at the depot. The HVC360 solution meets every possible scenario your logistic fleet is facing. ABB E-mobility has a track record of highly successful OEM collaborations dating back to the dawn of the EV industry, which allowed us to generate in-depth knowledge of automotive EV business. Our hardware, software, and service solutions are explicitly designed for heavy-duty applications to meet the challenges of fleet professionals and provide our customers and partners with business continuity and maximum reliability while ensuring high uptimes, reduced energy costs and overall optimized fleet operations.  


Service accessible from the front, 4 x LED to indicate the states per outlet, over-the-air updates 

Robust design
All-weather powder-coated stainless steel enclosure 

Flexible installation

Due to the position of the air inlet and outlet, chargers can be installed side to side and back to back 

Designed to the highest international electrical, quality and safety standards. 

Supports all charging interfaces
Panto-down, Panto-up, CCS connectors can be combined 

Dynamic power sharing* 

Power can be shared over 4 outlets with maximum utilization

Flexible set-up
Up to 150 m distance between the charger and the charging dispenser 

Reliable operations

Designed for heavy-duty applications with continuous power output of 360 kW 

Dynamic power sharing*

ABB E-mobility’s HVC360 ensures your site’s power hardware matches your operation’s charging requirements. Different power sharing strategies optimize your cost structure while providing flexible operations on site by splitting 360 kW on up to four vehicles at the same time. The power gets intelligently distributed across your EVs operating at a happy optimum and honoring grid capacities. 

Charging dispensers

Depot Charge Box
Depot Charge Box Dual Outlet
Pantograph-up Control Box Set
Pantograph-down Control Box Set
Pantograph-down Kit
CCS Control Box
Cable Balancer (with CCS Control Box)

Digital solutions

Designed for fleet operators, ABB E-mobility’s charger management system InControl, simplifies managing your electric vehicle charging operations. Built for commercial fleets, our cloud-based software allows you to control energy costs, manage your charging depot, maintain your charging equipment, and find revenue opportunities from anywhere with an internet connection.

Service offerings

ABB E-mobility’s global service concept combines leading technologies with reliable service and maintenance, both remote and on-site. Our “Care” Service Level Agreement (SLA) offers a superior level of services in addition to an extended product warranty, corrective maintenance, and comes with a 97% uptime commitment for the HVC360 available for many European countries.